Biological Anti Aging Center

It is in the exceptional setting of, Le Montreux Palace Switzerland, that Doctors Mainguy and Dabosville have established their high standard medical treatment center, using the latest state of the art technologies to ensure your well-being.

We are interested in treating the causes of diseases, not merely the symptoms. Equipped with medical apparels that were developed throughout the world, we can precisely measure and we try to reduce the aging process.


  • M.D. Dr. Jean-Claude Mainguy

    Chief Physician and Director of "Biological AntiAging Center S.A" Dr. Mainguy has more than 20 years of experience in the medical field of biophysics and anti-aging.

  • M.D. Dr. Yvonne Dabosville

    Dr. Dabosville is a specialized physician in cellular biology and anti-aging biophysics as well in the fields of predictive biology.

  • Treatment Rooms