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Anti Aging Programs

Our Predictive Check-ups, Revitalisation Cures and Anti Aging program relies on evidence-based biophysical and biological data to objectively track your progress and reduce aging symptoms such as energy and vitality loss, poor immunity, memory loss and reduced mentality agility. In order to reduce the likelihood of developing chronic diseases, if required, a complete drainage of cells toxicity levels will be done.


Our Methods

Our check-up constitutes the bases of our medical programs. Various technologies are used to help us provide you with specific answers on these four areas:

· Energetic state
· Immunity system
· Cardio-vascular system
· Brain

After our predictive check-up, a personalized revitalization cure is then proposed, with a several months prophylactic program.
Our check-ups are indented for anyone who wants to maintain their "health capital" at its best possible state or for any patient that present signs of chronic-tiredness without evident causes; or for patients feeling overworked or that have an inappropriate lifestyle and would like to assess their risk of diseases