Full Predictive Check Up

Evaluation of your energy levels - "Life is Energy" - Occidental medicine ignores what "energy" really means and thus it deprives itself of a precious investigation method.

Five steps of the Predictive Check-up:

Energy Potential: (Also known as "Ancestral Energy" in traditional Chinese medicine). Analysis of your energy potential from birth and how to manage it.

Repartition of this energy organ by organ. An organ that is poorly supplied in energy can direct itself to dangerous or serious pathologies. All serious pathologies are started by an energy disorder.

Availability of energy in cells. You can have a good energy potential, but your body is unable to access it.

Recycling of this energy. Someone who badly renews his/her energy will age more rapidly and will feel more fatigued.

Energy Field, obtained via digital photgraphy. Results are emitted directly by the individual, the energy fields that are revealed from these tests will enable us to understand the link beween the mental, functional and organical state of the individual.