Anti Aging Revitalisation

A cure is only started after receiving and analysing the results* of your medical Checkup (our test results are obtained immediately after first analysis). Then our medical team, will assist you through out your selected cure.
The main goal of our programs is to enable you to manage your aging process; by using both conventional medical techniques and the different approaches of traditional medicine.
A two-hour checkup forms the starting point of our diagnosis and prognostic program*. By using ten different technologies, we are able to calculate, in a precise way, your health potential and biological age.
Because it is not about aging, but about how you age...
While creating a body cartography revealing diseases potential risk organ by organ, we work with you to establish a personalized multi-facet revitalization program that meets your health goals and successfully manages your aging process.

* Results of our checkup / medical cure are obtained immediately (saliva, urine, blood,); complementary blood tests results take upto a few days.