Bioresonance & Anti Aging

Also known as electromagnetic therapy, works with the use of medical devices, where an electronic circuit is used to measure skin-resistance and low frequency pulsed electromagnetic radiation are used to measure or to treat the body’s chemical makeup. Electromagnetic radiation medical devices are successfully applied in research, clinical medicine and medical center4 as alternative noninvasive therapies for patients.

Bioresonance therapy, works by stimulating an electrical change in the cells, also known as bioelectricity, and reversing the harmful signal caused by a disease or a disorder. Bioelectricity refers to the electromagnetic fields produced by living cells, tissues or organisms. In general, electrodes are used to transmit and receive electromagnetic signals.


The effectiveness of electromagnetic therapy has been demonstrated by several centers for a variety of illness, such as arthritis, sleep disorder, bone density, poor blood circulation, venous ulcers, and autism. Double-blind and placebo controlled trials were undertaken notably by Energy Medicine Developments Inc. in North America with an 81% success rate.
Bioresonance studies the interaction between electromagnetic fields and biological entities, it analysis electrical currents in conductive tissue such as the brain and isolates changes in the patterns of neural activity. Bioelectromagnetics bioresonance therapies are known as predictive as they are able to identify minor electromagnetic changes in cells and in neural activity.

BAAC also uses diverse techniques and devices that are all clinically tested or used by various agencies. Aerospace medicine and biology uses several techniques to determine precise patient health and to predict future risks. One these techniques, other than bioresonance and electromagnetic therapy, is Kirlian photography, which is the phenomenon of electrical coronal discharges. BAAC also uses a large variety of medical devices to determine the state of vitality or state of sickness of a patient. One technique named bioelectric terrain analysis, which is the examination of patient’s specimen of blood, urine, and saliva, to clinically monitor the entire internal biochemical environment of the body by calculation pH, redox potential and electrical resistance in the three collected specimens. This is obtained by using Walther Nernst equation.