Injection 1 - Catalysis Dietary Minerals (oligoelements)

Over twenty dietary minerals, also known as essential trace elements are necessary for mammals to live. Each element has a specific and irreplaceable function of ensuring optimal performance of the entire organism as well as activating the catalytic sites of enzmyes. These essential trace elements play a very important biological role in the reduction-oxidation (redox) process. Proteins recognize and bind with oligoelements in a specific manner, ensuring their reserves and transporting the remaining to specific sites of the organisms where it is needed. Major oligoelements used are Zinc, Copper and Iron. We however have access to a larger panel of essential trace elements, knowing that as many as 26 elements in total are required by the organism.

Injection 2 – Revitalizing Therapy

Intra-muscular injections of diluted potentiated complexes, specially formulated according to the results of the analysis of your metabolic and immune systems.

Injection 3 – Detoxification

Detoxification, drainage and anti-oxidation are essential for cellular functions. The aim is to revive the cellular membrane exchanges that are altered by various external types of pollution or by the organism natural aging process. Synergistic intravenous injections allow a direct and efficient revitalization and detoxification on a cellular level.